ISUN Ormus Myst

ISUN Ormus Myst


Superconductive, full color spectrum gemstone energized, living Ormus water with Rose, rare Blue Lotus & Frankincense oils , has a unique revitalizing & rejuvenating effect on the body, mind and energy field. For face and body.

High-spin, monatomic elements from the platinum group, collectively called ORMUS, are concentrated from a pristine high altitude mountain spring. ORMUS is classified as a ‘superconductor’ which accelerates cell communication for more rapid skin repair and rejuvenation. A distinctive blend of regenerating essential oils enhance the effects of ORMUS. A full spectrum of gemstone energies are infused into the myst with magnetic resonance. Misting skin before applying other products may help to enhance their benefits.

Packaged in dark violet glass with spray pump.

50 ml spray



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